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Anger at Putin Flares in Irkutsk and Samara

Russians called for Prime Minister Putin to step down in two large but unrelated protests over the weekend, following a trend set by a massive anti-governmental rally in Kaliningrad in late January.

Feb 16, 2010 | Continued
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Beeline Blocks Access to Opposition Websites

Prominent rights advocate Evgeny Arkhipov says that the meaning of extremism in Russia has expanded to include dissent, citing Friday’s news that a telecommunications firm is blocking access to opposition websites.

Feb 8, 2010 | Continued
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Artist Detained in Moscow During Public Exhibition

An artist and activist was detained after opening a public exhibition of his paintings in central Moscow, marking yet another artist arrested in Russia while attempting to display his work.

Dec 30, 2009 | Continued
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Center “E” Officials Storm Opposition Apartments

Officials from the Internal Ministry’s notorious Center “E” stormed two apartments belonging to members of the banned National Bolshevik Party in Moscow on Wednesday.

Dec 9, 2009 | Continued
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Internal Memo Indicts Police of Illegal Detentions

A high-level police memo ordering officers to disrupt a series of lawful protests has been obtained by opposition activists in Moscow, targeted for their calls to release arrested political activist Eduard Limonov.

Nov 18, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Opposition Activist Tortured by Police

A Russian opposition activist claims he was abducted and tortured by police on the day of a planned rally in the Russian city of Voronezh.

Nov 3, 2009 | Continued
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70 Oppositionists Detained in Moscow Rally

Approximately 70 people were arrested and many beaten in Moscow at rally Saturday in defense of the constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

Nov 1, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Opposition Activist Beaten to Death in Moscow

Anton Stradymov, a 20-year old activist involved with the banned National Bolshevik party, was found comatose near the Vykhino metro station in Moscow, and died shortly after being hospitalized.

Jan 20, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Activist Jailed Over Opposition Website

Ilya Shunin, a deputy to the opposition National Assembly, has been placed in a pre-trial detention facility for his work in maintaining the website of the banned National Bolshevik Party.

Jul 24, 2008 | Continued
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Russian Authorities Shut Down Art Opening

Russian police have blocked the opening of an art exhibit in the western Russian town of Pskov. The exhibit, titled “Prison, Madness, Equality and Justice,” featured artwork created in prison by Natalya Chernova, an opposition activist.

Apr 13, 2008 | Continued