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Russian Police Apprehended in a Series of Widespread Crimes

After a slate of high-profile crimes committed by police officers in Russia, officials are preparing a new training and education program for officers. Rights experts, however, are concerned this will do little in the corrupt world of Russian law enforcement.

May 15, 2009 | Continued
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Kasparov on Putin’s “Ninth Year in Power”

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov cautions against jumping to quick conclusion on any liberalization taking place under Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.

May 13, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Police Turn a Blind Eye to Threats Against Opposition Leader

Tambov opposition leader Valery Sytkin has been receiving frequent death threats by mail. Local police have refused to launch an investigation.

May 12, 2009 | Continued
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Russia Moves to Prosecute WWII Deniers at Home and Abroad

Most Russians believe that denying the Soviet victory in World War II is a crime, as the Russian government prepares to introduce legislation to aggressively prosecute those who would downplay the Soviet triumph over Germany.

May 10, 2009 | Continued
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Understanding the Georgian Mutiny

Reports from Georgia indicate that an attempted coup has been suppressed near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Russian defense analyst Aleksandr Golts examines the official version of events, and takes a skeptical eye to the “very convenient conspiracy” and whose interests it serves. Exclusive translation by

May 7, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Deputy PM Warns of Coming Energy Crisis

Eastern Europe could face a new energy crisis in the coming winter, facing shortages of gas and oil, according to Russian Deputy Prime-Minister Igor Sechin. Comments from political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

May 5, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Deputies Try to Ban LOLspeak

Russian lawmakers are working on new measures to combat the spread of internet-slang into daily life.

May 2, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Independent Journalist Attacked in Rostov-on-Don

Vyacheslav Yaroshenko, the editor-in-chief of an independent newspaper in Rostov-on-Don, is in a coma after he was attacked Wednesday evening.

Apr 30, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Blogger Gets Probation for Anti-Christian Speech

A Russian blogger from the Republic of Tatarstan was sentenced to 1.5 years probation for inciting hatred and enmity against the Russian Orthodox faith in his web journal.

Apr 28, 2009 | Continued
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Sochi Election Results Called into Question

Exit polls conducted during the mayoral election in Sochi call into question the results released by city officials.

Apr 27, 2009 | Continued