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Chechnya Still Lacks Political Closure -Rights Group

February 23rd marked World Chechnya Day, which solemnly commemorates Joseph Stalin’s mass deportation of Chechens to Siberia in 1944. In an open letter, the Chechnya Peace Forum joined with public figures to call for free and fair elections as a way to bring closure to the troubled republic.

Feb 24, 2009 | Continued
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Chechnya Strictly Limits Alcohol Sales

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has limited sales of hard alcohol in the North Caucasus republic to just two hours a day.

Feb 19, 2009 | Continued
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Russian Rights Attorney, Reporter Murdered in Moscow

Stanislav Markelov, an attorney who represented Chechen victims and journalists, was gunned down in Moscow Monday. A reporter for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Anastasia Baburova, was also killed in the shooting.

Jan 19, 2009 | Continued
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Chechen Who Accused Kadyrov of Torture Murdered in Austria

Umar Israilov, a former Chechen rebel and bodyguard to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov who later came public with allegations of torture, was shot dead in Vienna on Tuesday. In a separate case, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg fined Russia 81 thousand euros over the disappearance of two Chechen men.

Jan 16, 2009 | Continued
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Powerful Chechen Clan Leader Killed in Moscow

Ruslan Yamadayev, a former lawmaker in Russia’s lower house of Parliament, was shot to death in his car after he left meetings in the Kremlin.

Sep 25, 2008 | Continued
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Situation in Ingushetia Threatens All of Russia – Alexeyeva

Human right activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva speaks on the situation in Ingushetia, where disappearances and killings happen on a daily basis. The atmosphere of fear, she says, is comparable to Chechnya, and the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

Sep 22, 2008 | Continued
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How Georgia’s Offensive Recalls Russia’s Own Past

Writing for the online newspaper, journalist Vitaly Portnikov comments on the developing offensive launched by Georgia in the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Translation by

Aug 8, 2008 | Continued
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Mass Grave Uncovered in Chechnya

Authorities in Chechnya have uncovered a mass grave, dating from the Second Chechen War and containing the remains of nearly 300 civilians.

Jul 4, 2008 | Continued
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Russian Film Accuses West of Orchestrating Chechen War

A new film released on Russian state-run television alleges that Western countries orchestrated Russia’s war with Chechnya in the 1990s.

Apr 29, 2008 | Continued
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In Chechnya, a Power Struggle With Deadly Consequences

An apparent power struggle in the Russian Republic of Chechnya is bringing violence and bloodshed to the area, as President Ramzan Kadyrov attempts to push a rival faction out of the region.

Apr 21, 2008 | Continued