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A Crooked Broadcast

Having chosen to air dramas instead of covering Moscow’s worst terrorist attacks in the past six years, Russia’s state-controlled television has become “a virtual form of reality,” writes columnist Natalia Gevorkyan.

Apr 2, 2010 | Continued
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Russia in the News: August 31, 2009

A roundup of topical news stories from Russia.

Sep 1, 2009 | Continued
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Russians Unconvinced By TV Coverage of Economic Crisis

Russian state-run television has painted a rosy picture of the economic crisis, even as more ordinary Russians feel the effects of layoffs and uncertainty. Journalist Kirill Rogov writes that the propaganda approach is failing, and suggests that authorities “need to either put politics back on television or take it off the streets.”

Dec 27, 2008 | Continued
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With an Economy in Crisis, Russian Media Keep Quiet

Even as indicators show that Russia is entering a severe economic downturn, state owned media and television have remained silent on the crisis.

Dec 17, 2008 | Continued
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Why Putin Will Regret His Words

Journalist Vitaly Portnikov argues that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s unrealistic assertion, that the financial crisis in Russia will have no social impact, may ultimately define how his tenure is remembered. Exclusive translation by

Nov 22, 2008 | Continued
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Russian State Hints at Plans for a New Youth TV Channel

Russia’s 2×2 channel, which is under threat of losing its license for broadcasting cartoons deemed offensive, may be replaced by a state-run channel aimed at specifically at children.

Sep 24, 2008 | Continued
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Russian Channel Bows to Pressure and Cuts Cartoons

The Russian 2×2 television channel has bowed to state pressure, and will pull 12 animated series from its lineup as it awaits a court decision. The offending cartoons include the Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park.

Sep 19, 2008 | Continued
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Russian TV Teaches “9/11 Truth”

On Friday, Russian State television aired an Italian documentary that questioned the official version of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Boris Sokolov questions the channel’s motives, asking why it chose to screen a one-sided film to 30 million viewers during prime time. Exclusive translation by

Sep 16, 2008 | Continued
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Scandal Involves a Knife, Munich, and Putin on Russian TV

Oleg Kozyrev comments on a debacle on Russian state television, where a magic trick broadcast the words “KNIFE MUNICH PUTIN” to millions of Russians. Exclusive translation by

Sep 10, 2008 | Continued
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Killing Kenny is Extremist – Russia Tries to Ban ‘South Park’

Moscow prosecutors have decided that ‘South Park,’ a popular satirical cartoon, is extremist, and have petitioned a Moscow court to ban the program. The country’s General Prosecutor’s office has also deemed that 12 other cartoon shows, including the ‘Simpsons’, have broken a law on protecting children.

Sep 8, 2008 | Continued