Kashin Says Attacker Resembled ‘Football Fanatic’

Oleg Kashin. Source: kashin.livejournal.comBeaten Russian journalist Oleg Kashin has given his first description of his attackers, Lifenews.ru reports.

Nine days after the brutal assault, doctors were able to take Kashin off of an artificial lung. Earlier, when he came out of an artificial coma late last week, the journalist had immediately requested pen and paper to ask when he would be able to breathe on his own.

Then, on Monday, Kashin said of his attackers: “The one that hit me in the jaw looked like a football fanatic.”

Wife Yevgeniya Milova told the media that her husband is able to speak with difficulty, but his right hand works and he is able to write normally.

According to RIA Novosti, doctors plan to keep Kashin in intensive care for the time being.

Investigators plan to question the journalist as soon as his condition permits.

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