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‘Strategy 31’ to Continue Despite Ban, Construction

The Moscow government has announced that Triumfalnaya Square – the traditional rallying place of the Russian opposition – will be closed for construction starting in late August. Oppositionists plan to hold their rallies regardless.

Aug 17, 2010 | Continued
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‘Strategy 31’ Organizers Appear to Give Up Limonov (updated)

Russian opposition leaders have appeared to agree to exclude Eduard Limonov from the organizational group of the Strategy 31 freedom of assembly rallies – falling in line with a Kremlin proposal earlier this month.

Jul 25, 2010 | Continued
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Strategy 31 Organizers Turn Down Gov’t Proposal

A government proposal “to save face” that would allow Strategy 31 rallies to be held at two alternating locations in Moscow has been turned down by opposition organizers.

Jun 16, 2010 | Continued
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Ekho Moskvy Editor Proposes Political Rally Ban

Ekho Moskvy radio Editor-in-Chief Aleksei Venediktov says that both pro- and anti-government events should be banned from being held on Moscow’s Triumfalnaya Square for a year.

Jun 8, 2010 | Continued
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Yabloko Activists Detained on Red Square

Police detained four Yabloko activists when they tried to hold a protest in defense of Lake Baikal on Red Square over the weekend.

Jun 7, 2010 | Continued
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‘Strategy 31’ Organizers Appeal to Strasbourg Court

Leaders from the Other Russia have officially filed a complaint against the Russian government in the European Court of Human Rights regarding a series of rallies in defense of the right to free assembly.

Apr 27, 2010 | Continued
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Right to Free Assembly ‘Not Evident to Russian Gov’t’

A monitoring commission from the Council of Europe is criticizing Russia for failing to recognize the right to free assembly as a basic human right, and also for beating members of unsanctioned protests.

Mar 24, 2010 | Continued
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160 Detained at Freedom of Assembly Rally

Police detained approximately 160 people in a rally in defense of the constitutional right to freedom of assembly on Sunday evening in central Moscow.

Jan 31, 2010 | Continued