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Marches of Dissent Scheduled for March 3rd (Details)

The Other Russia Coalition will lead opposition demonstrations across Russia on March 3rd, the day after Russia’s presidential election. Up-to-date locations and details.

Feb 29, 2008 | Continued
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Activist Detained by Militsiya Suffers Concussion

An activist of the United Civil Front party was detained by militsiya officers in St. Petersburg. After his release, he was diagnosed with a concussion of the brain.

Feb 25, 2008 | Continued
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The Other Russia Prepares Protests for March 3rd

The Other Russia opposition coalition will lead country-wide demonstrations on March 3rd, 2008, the day after Russia holds presidential elections.

Feb 1, 2008 | Continued
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Whispering, We’ll Survive

In a candid article, Natella Boltyanskaya reviews the past year for Russia, and examines what has been lost in the arena of human rights.

Dec 29, 2007 | Continued
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Putting Down the Press

The websites of three opposition newspapers have been shut down. On the night of December 6th, websites for three opposition newspapers suddenly stopped working. The editors believe they were shut down as result of their opposition views.

Dec 8, 2007 | Continued
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2nd Other Russia Conference Underway

This weekend sees the 2nd Other Russia Conference in Moscow. The principal orders of business are to review the successes of the past year and to discuss the selection process to determine a united opposition candidate for the March 2008 presidential elections. The other Russia movement was launched one year ago and in that time […]

Jul 7, 2007 | Continued
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Kasparov on Other Russia Conference and Kasyanov Split

The past political season was, undoubtedly, successful both for the United Civil Front in particular and for The Other Russia as a whole. The “Dissenters’ Marches,” and another activities of the opposition coalition have clearly shown to Russian society and the world that political force independent of the Kremlin is capable of resisting the pernicious […]

Jul 4, 2007 | Continued
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Sun Shines, Police Lock Down Moscow March

Nearly 2000 people came out to the Other Russia rally in Pushkin Square in Moscow today. They listened to human rights and political leaders from across the broad ideological spectrum of the Other Russia pro-democracy coalition. They included Alexei Navalny of Yabloko, Garry Kasparov of the United Civil Front, Eduard Limonov of the now-banned National […]

Jun 11, 2007 | Continued
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Dissenters’ March June 11 in Moscow

After the success of St. Petersburg on the 9th, we are marching again in Moscow on Monday. The Kremlin blinked on Saturday, showing they are vulnerable to public and international pressure and awareness. Our thanks to every journalist, politician, and citizen around the globe who raised a voice against the brutality and repression of our […]

Jun 11, 2007 | Continued
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St. Petersburg Dissenters’ March

What wasn’t said by the chants and the banners held by the marchers was clearly spoken by the massive police presence in St. Petersburg today for the latest Dissenters’ March. “Russia Without Putin”, “We Need Another Russia”, “This Is Our City”, “No Police State!”. Radio Ekho of Moscow reported that between 8,000 and 10,000 police […]

Jun 9, 2007 | Continued