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Moscow to Display Informational Posters Gloryfing Stalin

Rights activists are furious at a decision by Moscow city officials to construct informational stalls with posters glorifying Josef Stalin’s role in winning World War II.

Feb 18, 2010 | Continued
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Veterans Outraged at Stalin Soft Drink

A beverage plant in Volgograd is releasing a series of soft drinks picturing Stalin and other World War II commanders, sparking outrage from veterans that their history and suffering are being disgraced.

Jan 28, 2010 | Continued
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Fewer Russians Want Stalin-Like Leader

The number of Russians who want to see a leader like Stalin ruling their country is down significantly from a similar poll four years ago, but is still almost a full third of the population.

Dec 22, 2009 | Continued
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Putin: “Here, Thank God, There Aren’t Any Elections”

In a four hour live broadcast on Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin fielded questions from “ordinary Russians” on a wide variety of topics, including his possible aspirations to run for a third term as president.

Dec 4, 2009 | Continued