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St. Petersburg ‘Strategy 31’ Organizer Gets 14 Days Arrest

A St. Petersburg opposition leader has been fined and sentenced to 14 days of arrest for organizing a rally in defense of free assembly.

Sep 18, 2010 | Continued
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Kasyanov Announces Opposition Coalition with Yabloko

Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has announced an agreement to form a coalition between the People’s Democratic Union and Yabloko, while Yabloko leadership insists that negotiations are still ongoing.

Feb 18, 2010 | Continued
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Russian Opposition Discusses New Partnership

Russia’s liberal opposition may join together and form a new democratic movement. The new group plans to represent the mutual goals of all participants, and not party principles.

Jan 27, 2008 | Continued
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Last Opposition Candidate Pressured to Step Down in Russia

Russia’s Central Electoral Commission will likely disqualify Mikhail Kasyanov, the last remaining Presidential candidate from the liberal opposition. Aggressive means are being used to investigate Kasyanov’s qualifying signatures, and prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation against the candidate.

Jan 23, 2008 | Continued
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Kasyanov: Presidential Candidate

On June 2, Mikhail Kasyanov’s party, the Russian Popular-Democratic Union, selected him as their candidate for the March 2008 presidential election. Around 500 delegates selected the former Russian Prime Minister at a congress that could give some lessons to the Kremlin on openness and the democratic system. Many Other Russia leaders attended, including Garry Kasparov […]

Jun 4, 2007 | Continued