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Threat of Protests May Have Played Role in Prokhorov Resignation

The Kremlin may have been motivated by threats of mass, Orange Revolution-style protests in orchestrating Mikahil Prokhorov’s resignation from the Right Cause party, as Prokhorov himself lashes out at the Kremlin in retaliation.

Sep 21, 2011 | Continued
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Kasparov: Look to Medvedev in Yaroslavl Tragedy

Garry Kasparov looks at the recent fatal plane crash in Yaroslavl in a broader context of the failures of Russia to reform it’s antiquated aviation industry and, more importantly, the chaos at the airport on the day of the tragedy that may have caused the accident.

Sep 18, 2011 | Continued
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Garry Kasparov: We Must Boycott the Elections

With Parnas denied registration by Russian authorities, Garry Kasparov makes his case for a full-on boycott of upcoming Russian elections.

Jul 10, 2011 | Continued