Kasparov Leads Kasyanov In Primary Polls

Even as Russian authorities have attempted to block and fracture the Other Russia primary cycle, the coalition has refused to succumb, and has held successful regional congresses in nearly every corner of Russia.

Complete chart of primary results by region and candidate

The regional results have now definitively come in, as the opposition coalition prepares for its major Federal Congress on September 30th. Nearly 800 delegates, candidates and guests will meet at the concert halls of the Izmailova Hotel in Moscow. The delegates will select one presidential candidate to spearhead the entire opposition movement, basing their decision on the results of recent regional primaries. They will also confirm the Other Russia candidates to the Duma.

Regional congresses were held in 57 Russian regions, with more than 3000 participants around the country.

Twenty two regional conferences have elevated United Civil Front leader Garry Kasparov, while Mikhail Kasyanov of the People’s Democratic Union of Russia has taken twenty one regions. Six other conferences have proposed Viktor Gerashchenko, former Chaiman of the Russian Central Bank. Sergei Gulyayev, and Duma deputies Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Vinogradov were each chosen by a single region.

Two other regions’ selections have not been formally recognized or verified by the Federal assembly, and three further regions have not produced a clear result. In the Kaliningrad and Rostov oblasts, authorities have interfered and blocked a second round of voting, while in the Tverskaya oblast the second round was equally split between Kasyanov and Geraschenko.

The dedication of coalition organizers, in the face of rampant government interference, underscores the commitment and passion driving the Other Russia coalition. Unlike the current administration, candidates are chosen on their merits, and aren’t simply appointed as successors.