Only 15% of Russians Fully Support Putin’s Views

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Source: Time MagazineA new poll by the Levada Center shows that only 15 percent of Russian citizens fully share the views of President Vladimir Putin.

According to the poll results, which were published on Monday in Vedomosti, the number of full Putin supporters is steadily declining: the same poll taken in August 2011 came up with 16 percent, and in August 2010 – 22 percent.

Respondents prepared to support Putin while he still plans to carry out democratic and market reforms numbered 26 percent, compared with 29 percent in 2011 and 30 percent in 2010.

The number of those disappointed in Putin grew from 11 percent in 2010 to 17 percent in 2012. The same number say they support him just because there is no other alternative.

Another 14 percent do not support Putin at all, and 7 percent are unsatisfied but still have a certain amount of hope in him.

About 43 percent believe that the quality of life in Russia will improve during Putin’s six-year term and that the country will become considered one of the most highly developed.

Almost the same number, 41 percent, do not believe that such development is possible and are pessimistic about the next six years.

Levada Center researchers also asked people what sort of emotions they had about Putin’s return to the presidency.

Positive emotions such as “pride in one’s country,” “joy,” “satisfaction,” and “certainty in the future” were cited by 28 percent. A group of 27 percent was “indifferent,” and 24 percent were “hopeful.”

Another 21 percent of Russian citizens said they had strongly negative emotions towards Putin’s return, including a “sense of worry and hopelessness,” “fear,” “shame,” “anger,” and “outrage.”

The poll surveyed 1600 people in 45 regions of the country between May 25 – 29.