A Year of Real Possibilities

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A New Year’s Greeting from Garry Kasparov
January 1, 2012

Dear friends and compatriots! I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year in 2012. It is not just one of those New Years when we traditionally wish each other happiness, good fortune, and success. It’s the kind of New Year when we will have the power to effect a great deal of change. We are living at a unique historical moment, one when we have the opportunity to determine our fates, the fate of our country, the fate of the entire world. People often get opportunities to achieve real change, but we too often thoughtlessly pass them up. I want us not to miss these opportunities in 2012.

Separately, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to my friends and comrades from the United Civil Front, Solidarity, and the National Assembly, those who have already spent many years defending the ideals of freedom and justice, fearlessly standing against all the power of the repressive apparatus of the Putin regime. I wish you courage and resilience, my friends! I believe that, joined together in 2012, we can end these twenty years of turmoil and lay down the foundation of a new, free Russia. A Russia where the words “this is our country” will become an opposition slogan and an element of pride for everyone who live here.

And, despite how traditional it is, I want to say again – I wish all of you good fortune, health, success, and happiness!