Pro-Putin Book of Children’s Poetry Released

The cover of A children’s book of poems entitled “Putinyata” has been released by a publishing house in the Russian city of Saratov. The title combines Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s surname with the Russian word for “guys.”

An annotation says that the book is intended “for older children.” The author, Irina Konnova, is trained as a topographer.

The first of twenty-one poems in the full-color publication directly references Russia’s problematically low birthrate:

Our Homeland of Russia
Uncle Putin steered.
“Be a country great, strong,” –
One day he did dream.

Only, how without the little ones?
Among us they are very few!
Then he read a lot of books
And gave an order to the country:

“Just one babe for every mom?!
That’s not much! It must be two!”
And now in our native land
Kiddies suddenly appeared.

They are many…they are beautiful
Just like flowers, here and there.
Young children in Russia now
Have the name of PUTINYATA!

Vladimir Lenin is often referred to in Russia as “Uncle Lenin.”

The book follows a recent trend of both Kremlin-backed and independent publications that attempt to garner popularity among Russian youth for Putin and his governing United Russia party. United Russia has been noted on numerous occasions for its agitation in Russian schools, including an order by former President Putin to introduce history textbooks that call Josef Stalin “the most successful Soviet leader ever.” Booklets picturing bear cubs (a take on President Medvedev’s surname) and the United Russia logo have been distributed to students, and a children’s organization based on party ideology called “Medvezheta” has appeared in several regions.

Full-page scans of the book can be seen by clicking here (Russian).