Activist Released from Mental Hospital

Artem BasyrovYoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic. December 25th:

Artem Basyrov, a member of the Other Russia coalition and the National Bolshevik Party, was released from a local neuropsychiatric clinic on December 25th. The activist had been held there since November 23rd, and called into the Sobkor®ru news agency to announce his freedom.

The decision to discharge Basyrov was made by a monthly commission within the hospital, although doctors did not give the patient any explanation. Basyrov is certain that the true reason for his freedom is pressure from both the Russian and international public.

The activist was detained on November 23rd and taken to an area neuropsychiatric health center. A medical examination board was only conducted on November 26th, although by law it must take place within 48 hours. The board concluded that Basyrov needed compulsory treatment, and this was recognized by a court decision the next day. Supporters sent a writ of appeal shortly thereafter to the Supreme Court of the Mari-El Republic.

The World Organisation Against Torture demanded the immediate release of Artem Basyrov on December 13th. The previous day, the United Civil Front party sent an entreaty to Russia’s Human Rights Commissioner, Vladimir Lukin. The party believes that Basyrov was hospitalized for political reasons, including his participation in opposition demonstrations known as “Dissenters’ Marches.”