Udaltsov Finally Hospitalized Despite Doctor’s Objections

Sergei Udaltsov. Source: img.meta.kzLeft Front opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov has been hospitalized with heart pain and “noises in his head” in the midst of a hunger strike, Kasparov.ru reports.

Udaltsov was detained when he and a group of protesters attempted to march toward the presidential administration building in Moscow at the end of a routine Day of Wrath protest last week, intending to deliver a list of grievances to government officials. While the rally was sanctioned by city authorities, the march was not; Udaltsov was arrested along with three others. He was convicted of disobeying police and declared a hunger strike in protest.

An ambulance was first called for Udaltsov on October 15, and a blood analysis showed that the activist’s blood sugar level was lower than normal. At the time, Udaltsov declined to be admitted to the hospital.

The next day, doctors claimed that a second test showed that Udaltsov “is not yet in such a critical condition” as to require hospitalization. However, doctors declined to admit him despite Udaltsov’s requests; apparently, he felt that his condition had worsened significantly.

When Udaltsov asked to file a complaint against the head doctor for denying him admittance to the hospital, police turned him down.

Finally, on the night of October 16th, the activist was admitted to the therapeudic wing of Moscow’s Hospital #12 with complaints of low blood sugar, heart pain and “noises in his head.”

Further updates on Udaltsov’s condition will be related through the Left Front’s press service and theOtherRussia.org.