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WSJ: Putin’s Russia a Fascist State

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Global View columnist Bret Stephens hits various nails on their heads. We are particularly gratified to at last see Putin’s infamous “popularity” not taken at face value in the media. It is a must-read article and we encourage you to share it widely. “For the Sake of One Man” – […]

Jul 17, 2007 | Continued
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Wiemar on the Volga

Historian Niall Ferguson, author of the fascinating books Colossus: the Rise and Fall of the American Empire and Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order, among many others, had an essential article in the Sunday Telegraph this week. Excerpts follow: Putin is heading for a worrying future Seven years ago, the economist […]

May 30, 2007 | Continued
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Kreisky Forum Honors Politkovskaya

The famous Vienna-based Bruno Kreisky Forum was the host to a 45-minute lecture and Q&A with Other Russia organizer Garry Kasparov on April 26. The subject was “Russia: Six Months Without Anna Politkovskaya,” a tribute to the investigative journalist assassinated in Moscow on October 7, 2006. Kasparov speech highlighted Politkovskaya’s courage and how she inspired […]

Apr 27, 2007 | Continued