Garry Kasparov Arrested and Beaten by Police

Garry Kasparov arrested and beaten by police outside of Pussy Riot courthouse
as guilty verdict arrives for the trio inside

  • Inside the courtroom, the judge declared the three young women guilty of “hooliganism” with “religious hatred” for political protest inside a Moscow cathedral. They have been sentenced to two years in prison.
  • Kasparov was not protesting; he was outside speaking with journalists when police pushed through to seize him. Kasparov was pushed roughly into police van, where he was struck and choked. He is currently being held at police station as police await orders.
  • In an even more absurd turn of events, police accused Kasparov of biting an officer’s finger, which Kasparov dismissed as “complete garbage,” adding: “How much strength do you need to bite someone’s hand through to the bone anyway? It would at least damage a couple of teeth, but mine are all fine.”

Moscow – August 17, 2012 (1400 GMT)

Unprecedented crowds of supporters and journalists surrounded the Moscow courthouse where the female Russian punk trio Pussy Riot were sentenced today. The three women staged an anti‐Putin protest at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in February and have been jailed since March. Their persecution has drawn tremendous public attention and support from human rights organizations and artists around the world. They were declared guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and a long‐time Russian pro‐democracy leader who chairs the United Civil Front in Russia and the US‐based Human Rights Foundation, was outside the courthouse speaking to Radio Svoboda journalists when police pushed through to seize him. The 49‐year‐old Kasparov insisted he was not protesting but the police grabbed him and violently dragged him into a police van, where he was further physically assaulted by the police, as documented by a photographer. PHOTOS (see below): ~

When reached by telephone at a nearby police station, the battered Kasparov stated, “this is the perfect Kremlin reply to those who talked about Russian liberalism under Putin or who believed in an acquittal for Pussy Riot or Putin’s talk about leniency.” Kasparov’s fate is uncertain. An estimated 50 people have been arrested outside the courthouse so far.

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Police throw Garry Kasparov into a paddy wagon on August 17, 2012

Police detain Garry Kasparov on August 17, 2012