Anti-Putin Report Will Be Distributed ‘All Over Country’

One day after Federal Security Service officials confiscated 100 thousand copies straight off the presses, and just a few days after St. Petersburg city police confiscated another 100 thousand from a truck, opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was out on the streets of St. Petersburg handing out two thousand hastily printed samizdat copies of his coauthored report, “Putin. Results. 10 Years,” to a vociferous crowd of passers-by.

“I can’t remember this kind of interest, if not excitement, in our report,” Nemtsov wrote on his blog late Friday. The former deputy prime minister and co-leader of the Solidarity opposition movement apparently plans to travel throughout Russia to distribute the controversial pamphlets, which condemn Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the problems that have grown or first arose during his time in power. “We’re going to hand out ‘Putin. Results. 10 Years’ all over the country, regardless of the difficulties,” he said.

The scene below of people scrambling for copies of the report took place outside of St. Petersburg’s landmark Gostiny Dvor.

“Putin. Results. 10 Years” is available in Russian by clicking here.