Russian Opposition Leader’s Car Bombed

Burned Volga car.  source: newsru.comA car belonging to Russian opposition leader Eduard Limonov exploded in flames Saturday morning in Moscow, the politician reported on his blog.  Limonov, a leader of the Other Russia coalition and the banned National Bolshevik Party, was preparing for a protest set to take place the next day.

The explosion took place outside Limonov’s residence, as a driver turned the key in the ignition.  Limonov, who was inside his apartment at the time, said his driver managed to escape with only slight burns on his face.

Limonov told the online newspaper that he received a threatening phone call ten minutes after the explosion.

“When I picked up the phone,” Limonov said, “an unknown person asked me: ‘Well how are you, Eddie?  Still aren’t afraid of engaging in opposition activities?’”

Police are investigating the crime, but have downplayed a connection to Limonov.  A spokesman said the car was registered to a different owner, adding “It does not even smell of Limonov here.”

The opposition leader, who agreed that the car was registered to another name, said he had been using the car for over two years, and was outraged at the police.

“How could there be any doubts,” Limonov asked?  “The car that I ride in burned up right under my window!  The driver nearly died.”

Limonov’s supporters believe the explosion was a personal warning to Limonov before an anti-government protest scheduled for the next day.  City officials had refused the grant the demonstration a permit, although organizers decided to hold the protest anyway.   During the Sunday event, titled “Russia without Putin,” Limonov was arrested along with dozens of activists.