Kasparov Released from Jail

Garry Kasparov arrived at his Moscow home after serving five days in a Moscow jail on charges of leading an unauthorized march. You may be wondering why there was no triumphant scene outside the Petrovka 38 police station as Kasparov came out to be surrounded by waiting supporters and the media. There was no such scene. In yet another violation of protocol, Kasparov was first taken secretly to the police station where he was first charged and then driven to his home in a colonel’s car.

In a brief statement Kasparov warned that his arrest was an example of Russia’s transition into a dictatorship. He also pointed out that this entirely spurious arrest was no doubt meant as a warning and that next time it would be a criminal case. We just spoke with Kasparov and he sounds in good health and fighting spirit, saying he had had plenty of free time to work on a new editorial for the Wall Street Journal. He asked that we pass on his thanks for all the public support from our readers. Much more to come.