Rotten Young Apples

BARNAUL, RUSSIA – The “Young Guard” of the United Russia party have staged a public mockery of opposition leaders outside a cinema frequented by the Barnaul veterans, in the Altai Krai region of Russia. The demonstration is an apparent backlash against a lawsuit against two members of the “Young Guard,” who have been charged with attacking members of the film club at a recent screening.

The action took place as most of the veterans were meeting in the city’s central square to commemorate the anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

“On November 7th, in counterbalance to all of the communist demonstrations, which everyone is sick of, activists of the Altai Krai “Young Guard” conducted an action named “Polit-darts” at the well-known…“Premiere” cinema” – the youth wing’s press agency reported.

Children throwing darts

Several weeks ago, two organizers in the regional branch of the pro-Kremlin youth organization were charged with attacking a film club held in the cinema. The club in question was a meeting-place for admirers of Soviet film, and was operated by the Barnaul veterans.

“All interested passersby were offered to take some darts, and throw them at the most rotten, in their opinion, fruit, situated above portraits of leaders and adherents of the “Other Russia,” the press-release continued. “The action turned out to be far-reaching – representatives of all ages participated in it. For instance, the sum of the ages of an outfit of seven young shooters turned out to equal the age of the oldest participant. Over the course of the “execution” it turned out that the majority of snipers took a fancy to one target – the portrait of Berezovsky, although five fruits were offered as choices.”


In addition to the disgraced oligarch, portraits of Mikhail Kasyanov, Eduard Limonov, Garry Kasparov, and Vladimir Ryzhkov were offered as targets.

“Each participant was offered three tries, and everyone who hit an apple (or any other fruit) was handed a commemorative gift from the “Young Guard” organizers. As result the young guardsmen picked seven finalists, who fought for the main prize. It was taken by the team of the youngest guardsmen – for friendship and marksmanship.” – the organization’s account concluded.