Opposition March Registered for November 24th

The Other Russia has officially registered the November 24th “Dissenter’s March” in Moscow. The opposition coalition has filed all the necessary paperwork, including three possible walking routes, to the Moscow mayor’s office. A reply from the authorities is expected by Wednesday.

Demonstrators will converge in Pushkin Square at 1 PM for a mass-meeting. At 2 PM, the protest will move towards the Central Electoral Commission’s headquarters. Around 2000 participants are expected.

Earlier today, a pro-Kremlin youth group named “Young Russia” attempted to register their own event at the same location, which would have prevented the Other Russia’s efforts. Similar tactics were attempted at past Dissenter’s Marches, including the last Moscow protest on April 14th. According to Dennis Bilunov, the executive director of the United Civil Front, the Other Russia filed their papers in the nick of time.

On November 1st, Garry Kasparov and Eduard Limonov, two leaders of the Other Russia, called on all opposition groups to join in the “Dissenter’s March,” and to express their outrage at “elections without selection.”

On the 25th of the month, another demonstration will take place in St. Petersburg. The official slogans of the march are: “Russia without Putin!,” “No to elections without selection!” and “Your time is up!” Similar marches were staged in major Russian cities in 2006 and 2007.