If It Works, We’ll Take Credit

In the city of Pskov, unknown individuals have a staged a political action, in an apparent commentary on skyrocketing food costs.

Stickers with the words “United Russia Prices” have appeared on grocery bins in city stores, and on stalls displaying all kinds of food.  They also bear the logo of the political party.

Vendors don’t know the source of the inscription.  Store management seem to have no idea or leads on those responsible.  The press-service of the local United Russia have claimed that they have nothing to do with the action.

Elena Demchenkova, a Pskov candidate for the Other Russia to the State Duma, said the stickers were a fitting response to United Russia, which usually takes credit for all improvements, but doesn’t like to answer when their policies lead to bad results.  She gave a fitting example, where billboards appeared on the side of newly rebuild roads with the slogan “United Russia Roads.”  In actuality, money for the repairs came out of the federal budget.

The defacement may come in response to ever-rising prices across a range of common household goods.  RossStat (the state statistics agency), announced on October 5th that inflation had grown .8 percent in September.  This translated to price increases of up to 20 percent on such items as milk, eggs and cooking oil.  It now appears that inflation for the year will be in the double digits, substantially higher than the expected 8 percent.

The Kremlin has resorted to Soviet-era measures to combat price increases, but experts predict that prices will continue to rise.  The measures will likely do little more than saving the Government’s image in the short-term, before upcoming elections, that is.