March of the Discontented Continues

On October 12th, the executive committee of the Other Russia took the decision to resume its series of “Dissenter’s Marches” (also known as “March of the Discontented”). These mass-scale demonstrations, where thousands of citizens took to the streets to stand up to the Kremlin’s push toward authoritarianism, were held across Russia’s major cities from December 2006 until earlier this year. Many of the protests were violently shut down by police, and hundreds of activists and opposition leaders were arrested.

Read more about the most recent St. Petersburg march, or about police detentions of political leaders preceding the Samara demonstration.

The new demonstrations will be held in the largest Russian cities in November, leading up to the elections of the Federal Duma from the 24th to the 25th of that month. As we recently reported, Other Russia candidates have been blocked from a place on that ballot.

Organizers are reaching out to individuals and political parties across the ideological spectrum to both participate and help plan the protests. The primary slogan will read: “Russia Without Putin!”