Kadyrov: Putin Should Stay For Life

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov announced on October 2nd his desire that Putin remain in power indefinitely, and ignore the Constitution. Speaking in front of the United Russia party Congress in Moscow, Kadyrov shook his hands, booming:

“As before, I want that Vladimir Putin remain for a third term, and to on the whole be the president-for-life. Why can’t we have a Turkmenistan, or a Kazakhstan? We need the people to continue begging Putin to stay, and then he will have to submit to the people.”

“The United Russia party is the strongest, and Putin has headed it like a true patriot.”

Valeriya Novodvorskaya, chairwoman of the “Democratic Union” party, called Kadyrov’s announcement a perfect fit into “a normal relationship between a satrap and a Persian khan.” “This in its shape reminds about a talk in a kindergarten… where the teacher asked how many years comrade Stalin should live. One little boy beat everyone else when he said: let comrade Stalin live forever.” Novodvorskaya added that today, in an equivalent competition, Kadyrov was the winner. In this way, he has bought himself an “indulgence” for all all of the human rights abuses, killings, and other crimes that are committed under his watch in Chechnya.

Ramzan Kadyrov will lead United Russia’s electoral list in the Chechen Republic during the coming December 2nd elections of the Federal Duma, or Parliament. Russian president Vladimir Putin announced on October 1st that he will lead the ballot of the United Russia party in the equivalent Duma elections in Russia.

The leader of the Chechen parliament recently threatened opposition figure Garry Kasparov for referring to Kadyrov as “a bandit.” Kasparov defended his use of the label by pointing out Kadyrov once openly bragged of killing Russian soldiers before being put in charge of the region by Putin.